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CONTEST : Ways to dress up your Chanel Bag

I was thinking the other day that the Chanel Flap is becoming way too ubitiquous for my liking. Everywhere that I turn, I see one.It doesnt help with replicas becoming so common. It's supposed to be a bag of stature and class, but i thought a 12 year old carrying it (Pour quoi? ). I mean there's nothing wrong with thatand i hope i do not sound condescending but this bag has a long history and it is the epitome of class. I dont want to see it's value being depreciated.
Yet, one thing i have to say is that, not everyone carries the bag with flair.It doesnt mean that you have a Chanel bag, you look good. You want to be the girl who carries the bag and make heads turn and people gasping, ooh she looks good with that bag, the bag looks good on the outfit, that bag, i must have, i can wear it like her! and so i thought of ways of branding my own bag with the little accessories that i have, to prettify it and making it MY bag, making it different.

Ways to perk up your Chanel Flap...
1) Use a vintage Vera scarf. You can use it like the twilly on the hermes. but make sure the colours match.
2)Tie the scarf like a bow on the chain.
3)Chanel badges--well those, i got free from buying Chanel lipsticks.I thought of pining them to the leather, but couldnt have the heart to, well. if i have a fabric chanel bag, i will. Another reason to buy a bag?;)
4)Use a flower brooch on the bag, well, Chanel already uses the camelia flower on the chocolate bar this idea is not new, but i havent really seen anyone using a flower brooch with the bag.:) My flower brooches are collected over the years, i have like 20 of them.I bought alot of them in Harajuku when i was in the university.
5) Using ribbons. think black chanel bag and red bows running all down the chain. Tres Delicieux. Have not time to try that , Yet.

and so, I am holding a contest on my blog. I am interested to see you girls dressing up your bag, branding it yours. and all you need to do is to send in your pictures of the bag. You may send in pictures with you carrying the bag as well, but you have to send in a closeup of the bag being prettified. Remember, you dont need a Hermes twilly to win the contest, i am looking for the most original et creative entry.

and what's the prize?

It's a Brand New Precision CHANEL white essential LIMITED EDITION travel set retailing over $100 SGD which consists of a  concentrated whitening essence masque 25ml , a whitening nanolotion 50ml, an ultimate whitening essence 30ml in a most gorgeous pure white cosmetic bag in which you can use to store your jewellery or knick knacks once you have finished using the skincare. You may further read up on their skincare here.

 So just to recapitulate, the rules of the contest is as follows:
1) You may send in as many entries as possible to but each entry has to consist of a closeup picture of the bag.
2) Please remember to include your name with the entry.
3) You need to follow the blog , scroll up to this blog and click "follow" or if you do not have a blogger account, just refer a pal to follow with it. If you dont have a blogger account , just refer 3 friends to the blog, and that will do.
4) The closing date of this contest is 19th March midnight, Singapore's time.
5)You get a say in the winner of this contest, what i will do is to choose 3 entries and post it up and you folks will vote.The voting period will be 2 days before it closes.

C'est tout! Enjoy dressing up your Chanel bag! Make yourself love it even more! ^_^

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Latest trends in Prints...

 The above's Miu miu, Louis Vuitton this season. Well, that means DYLAN's way ahead of trends!!! I've always been a fan of quirkiness and such, it shouldnt be a trend. It should be here to stay.... non? There's always a child in each of us.

Below are bespoke piecces for my clients. ^_^ ....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Collection for the Festive Season!


Cerise means Cherry in French.
I love the colour. It literally pops and breaks the blues and black.
If you have been wearing lots of blacks, please, discard them already OR
at least match it with colourful accesories.
The fabric is classically tweed.
Soft and elegant and easy to match with black heels and bag.



This has to be one of my favourites :)

First of all, the colour makes me so happy.
Secondly, I designed a low back for it, which is so tough to find in the dresses from the mall.
Last but not least, the peek a boo tulle, which can be customised to be a detachable one as well ups the beauty of this dress. I love the way it flounces as I walk.
Pair it with slingbacks like i did and I am sure you will turn heads with it.





100% silk in Jewel Emerald.

This can be customised to any colour you want as well.

The exquisite pleated neckline adds oomphs of feminity to the piece.

Perk up with pearls, a long statement necklace or a belt like the model.
This is understatedly elegant.




Flaunt your sexy shoulders in Yuna.

Lovely flora prints on a coral base bordered by contrasting turquoise pipings.
Unconventional in an A-line cut and slits on the sides.
Don up an elegant hair do and slip on a pair of slingbacks and this perennial cheongsam is elegance understated.
This textured cotton linen blend is a limited edition printed fabric from Japan.
It would be hard to give it a miss.


Nuage means 'clouds' in French.
This alluring and elegantly piece in pure silk is a timeless classic.
We adore the unassuming yet versatile colour of Nuage paired with a fabric sash tied into a bow.
Simple yet stunning.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NIKKI IN ORIENT


I was ecstatic when i saw this fabric which is imported from Japan.

I knew immediately what kinda dress it will be made into. I wanted to revive happiness in the person wearing this and thus I added pleats and pockets and all things nice et oui, I wouldn't forget the bow sash too. ^_^

You know what else? It's so forgiving to the body as well with the colour blocking technique on the top for a slimming effect and a pleated flare bottom to hide wide hips and thick waist. The pockets , sash and prints will take away the focus if you are heavy bottomed.


Rachelle with a pink leather belt
Rachelle with a pink leather belt

Good quality tweed blend in Ecru.

That means you can accessorise this piece with almost any shade of colour.
Just like Alexa, it's another versatile piece I will recommend to you.
Tres simple yet chic and versatile.
Every girl needs one of these in her wardrobe to play around with her accessories.
Here's the model posing with a Vera sash tied into a bow.



Vanilla tweed in burst of coloured happiness.

The textured multi coloured polka dots on the fabric definitely makes it one of the most interesting fabric i have come across so far.

The pretty bow at the neckline makes it even more irrestible.
This is definitely one of the pieces that is able to take you from day to night.



Tres alluring, especially with the soft, fluttery chiffon sleeves in vanilla.

Made of imported designer cotton from the States in the sweetest pink hue.

Wear it with pearls on your d├ęcolletage and a clutch in your hands and you are ready to head out.
This piece can be transformed into a tube dress as well if you tuck the sleeves in .
Definitely one of my favourites.



Remember Alanis Morisette singing that catchy song "Hands in My pocket" ?

It makes me so so chirpy everytime i hear it. It's got nothing to do with Brittany, but i understand that pockets to place our nic-nacs and hands are so important. I know it's corny, but i love to wear outfits with pockets when i fetch D, i place my Blackberry and hands sanitiser in them..;) and i just whip them out effortlessly...
Brittany's grey cooling cotton blend with cascading ruffles on the sides. Grey's the new black, has no one told you that? You can wear this piece sans belt if you want because the ruffles are already aesthetically pleasing ^_^. However, a chiffon belt of any colour can be customised along with this piece.I have paired it with a fuchsia chiffon belt on the mannequin.


Please contact me at to make an appointment to view the dresses or discuss tailoring a bespoke for you .